We The Martyr Requests Sing-a-long From Fans

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When I first heard We The Martyr was hosting a competition amongst fans “to put you in it!” my first impulse was to spew hot coffee all over the computer screen. Ok, maybe not, in fact I don’t even like coffee. It’s the most overrated drink ever, undrinkable without a half liter of condiments, makes you piss like it’s liquor (although if it does have some in it, this makes it far for awesome), is addictive, and doesn’t even get you high.

But, as we soon find out, this contest isn’t as great as it sounds:


Hey everyone , Cale’s making a Guitar Play through video for militia and wants to put you in it !!!! all you have to do is record yourself singing along to the gang vocals parts at the start and at 2:01.

Really? That’s it? Couldn’t be anything more bad-ass like doing guttural voice splits with the main vocalist? I guess not, just some more out of style sounding metalcore shouts, sounding like a gang of highschoolers. Pass.


Last Days of Humanity

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This band gives the visceral experience of being flushed down a toilet filled with bloody shit.Sounds beats at your skull like babies pulverized in a meat grinder, monotonous cowbells drilling relentlessly out your eyeballs. That’s Last Days of Humanity… but don’t take my word for it, have a listen! :


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Waking up early today, I found these guys while searching http://www.metalunderground.com/news/. Seeing that they were from Sweden, I was halfway sold before I even checked out any of their songs. Their sound is somewhere along the veins of Vader, another well noted death metal group from Europe.

I figured they were worth a post since they’ve been on the scene since their debut “The Esoteric Order” last year in Janurary and I only heard of them this morning. In any case, here’s the song “The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West” :

Infernal Revulsion

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Imagine a chorus of sledgehammers destroying your sense of sound to a brutally rhythmic sound: Infernal Revulsion. These Japs will cause miscarriages in their wake, handle with care:

Greg Puciato Runs Screaming In His Underwear

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Yes, it’s true! Front-man to The Dillinger Escape Plan stripped down and made ridiculously insane comments such as “I’m already dead” and insisting that nobody around him was real. Of course he was shrooming at the time so that makes him awesome.

Pulled from his website, we read a rather humorous drug report:

I would like to thank the six police officers, fully staffed fire truck, and the several EMTs(thanks Brian Vanina for writing to me afterwards) that showed up over the weekend…to witness/enjoy what surely must have been a beyond hysterical/bizarre/confusing sight to them. Without going into too much detail…let me just say that it was ENTIRELY worthwhile to eat enough(way too much) of something(I won’t go into what but I’m sure your assumptions are probably accurate) to induce a total near death experience, have full blown entirely realistic hallucinations(including fake people that I had conversations with), have no ability to tell what time/age period of my life I was in(12, 17, 22, 29….all seemed simultaneous) and run around almost naked both in and outside singing, screaming, and asking the police if I was dead and whether or not Ben Weinman, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Liam, and various other people in my personal life, were in fact real people or part of a dream that I had while part of a separate larger reality. When I look back on being on a stretcher outside at 3am, frantically telling police that I was already dead and insisting that they tell me the truth, while accusing them of not being real either, and my girlfriend (porn star Jenna Haze) crying and being terrified that I had gone “too far” and would be permanently insane from that point forward…..it all seems obvious what you should tell kids about drugs. “Just say…maybe.”

There is no “twelve” after “eleven”. It goes straight to “thirteen”. It’s dark if you go there. So if you’re ever at eleven and wanna go further…just be forewarned and remember that eleven jumps to thirteen and it gets fucking dark RIGHT AWAY. But it is, in hindsight, a wholly worthwhile place to visit now and then. For the record…all I gave a fuck about when I was out of my mind and convinced I was dead, was four or five people, and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Crazy.

I’ve never felt more psyched to play some fucking shows. LA tomorrow. Orange County Thursday. LET’S FUCKING DO THIS.

Guitarist Ben Weinman then informs us of his conversation with Greg, reminding him of his duties as front-man like a wet vagina:

“I actually talked to him last night. He was like, “wow there was a lot of press about that…that’s crazy.” I said ‘look, you gotta realize, I might be in Jersey in my basement writing the record and you’re out in Hollywood hanging out and experimenting and figuring out what you want to do with your life and how you want to do it and exploring your creativity and that’s great. But you’ve got to realize you’re the front man and you’re the image of what this band is, not me in the basement working my ass off on riffs with a pot of coffee with a lot of fucking excitement and passion without any care for what’s around me. You gotta realize if you put a fucking Mercedes in a shitty fucking Pinto shell, everyone is just going to see a shitty Pinto shell. They are not going to see the core of what went into that fucking machine.'”

Here’s the song “Calculating Infinity” for anyone who might be unfamiliar with them:

If you want to buy, you can find it online here

source link: metalundergound.com

Horde Casket

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To listen to Horde Casket is like having your ears beaten by a gang of Irishmen, and not in a bad way. Hailing from Amarillo, Texas/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma these guys are a force that will leave you gutted like a cornered baby. Here’s the song “Psychedelic Butchery.” :

Available for online purchase.

Abominable Putridity To Release New Album

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With the official debut of their new album, “The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin” coming Feb.28, Abominable Putridity is sure to return with another traumatic ear-bloodletting that will no doubt make you slam the heads of newborns against the pavement.

A new EP has been released, however, just to give you a taste:

This album has been reported as leaked, and was found at it-leaked.com (if you really are that impatient). I haven’t checked it out myself so I don’t know what you will find.

Tracklist :

1. Remnants of the Tortured
2. A Massacre in the North
3. Letting Them Fall…
4. A Burial for the Abandoned
5. Lack of Oxygen
6. Wormhole Inversion
7. The Anomalies of Artificial Origin
8. The Last Communion
LYRICS: unknown
Total playing time 25:54

You can preorder it here as well as find their other album.