August Burns Red – Rescue And Restore


With the release of their new album on June 25 , Rescue and Restore, August Burns Red returns with an impressive display of their progressive talent. While remaining true to their original sound it certainly is not a stale rehash of previous recordings.

When I first gave this one a listen I wasn’t sure what to think of it, as the previous titles seemed to deliver less of a punch than Messenger had, and I was hoping to see a return to that sound. Although the band appears to be continuing along their progressive path I am glad to say that this title resets expectations of what to hear out of this quintet from Manheim, Pennsylvania in the future.

While not necessarily attempting to redefine anything , they certainly did strive to create songs that aren’t reliant on the musical crutches others have resorted to in the past. Instead they wove together a composition of songs considerably more technical and complex than previously attempted, offering a fresh sound that switches between soft string crescendos; classical interludes and bouts of beautifully heavy breakdowns accompanied strangely melodic and uplifting riffs. It’s a blend that is sure to please both fans and new comers alike.

J.B has made comments regarding the bands tedium with what has become the status quo amongst most metalcore bands, indicating clearly their desire and motivation for the album’s new approach to their songwriting:

“Metalcore is not an interesting genre at this point,” remarks August Burns Red guitarist JB Brubaker. “It’s very repetitive and predictable; I want more than breakdowns and pop choruses these days.” – J.B,

““Obviously I love this music or I wouldn’t be playing it, but I’m not 18 anymore and we’ve got to progress,” Brubaker continues. “And while we’re not trying to reinvent our sound with the new record, we’re definitely trying to broaden the spectrum of what is possible in this music. I feel like we have to.” J.B,

He describes the album as to “…push the boundaries of our genre more than we ever have before. We set out to write a record where every song stands out from the last. There is a lot of ground covered here and a ton of meat to this album. It’s full of odd metered rhythms and breakdowns, unexpected twists and turns, and some of our most technical riffing to date. Each of us have parts that make our heads spin and we have had to practice like crazy to get some of this stuff together. I know we always say this, but this will be our most ambitious album yet.”

It’s probably safe to say they have achieved their aim in Rescue & Restore, but to what extent (and if this is a step in a good direction) remains to be decided by the devoted listener. I highly recommend picking up a copy if you are a fan of this style, you won’t be disappointed.





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