We The Martyr Requests Sing-a-long From Fans

When I first heard We The Martyr was hosting a competition amongst fans “to put you in it!” my first impulse was to spew hot coffee all over the computer screen. Ok, maybe not, in fact I don’t even like coffee. It’s the most overrated drink ever, undrinkable without a half liter of condiments, makes you piss like it’s liquor (although if it does have some in it, this makes it far for awesome), is addictive, and doesn’t even get you high.

But, as we soon find out, this contest isn’t as great as it sounds:


Hey everyone , Cale’s making a Guitar Play through video for militia and wants to put you in it !!!! all you have to do is record yourself singing along to the gang vocals parts at the start and at 2:01.

Really? That’s it? Couldn’t be anything more bad-ass like doing guttural voice splits with the main vocalist? I guess not, just some more out of style sounding metalcore shouts, sounding like a gang of highschoolers. Pass.


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